Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can you pick a fovorite?

What is your favorite present you have ever gotten?
 I looked away and made a long pause while I tried to answer this question myself. You cant just pick a favorite. You can pick a favorite gift of a year, but not of a lifetime. I guess my favorite gift is from God,  my son. My little pearl. After miscarriage, i wanted a baby so bad then before I even knew I was pregnant, I had a dream. In this dream I was on the beach, beautiful weather, beautiful ocan, everything is so perfect, I didnt even have to wear my hijab. I walked to this shell on the ground, and took it.... it was mine!  I opened it, there it was, my beautiful pearl, this gave me a worm feeling, I smiled. This is my pearl, nobody has one like it. So a day later, I found out I was pregnant. When I holded my son in my hands, I remembered, he is this pearl :-).

My brother in law came back from Bosnia, so I got many beautiful presents. I didnt even expect some of those people to remember me.

What is your favorite part about presents/gifts? Getting or receiving? I bet its receiving. Are you excited to open it right away? I love packing presents. I prepare before going to get one, I got whole bunch of questions to answer in my head about what should I get/buy or make. I think i will write them down after this blogg, someone might find it helpful.
One of my fav things i got from Bosnia is this  ring from my sister. Now she already gave me couple of rings, but this one is special.

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