Monday, April 25, 2011

Dont judge the...

Dont judge the book by its cover
Tho book is called "Does My Head Look Big in This". My sister brought it, and asked if i wanted to read it. To be honest when I saw the book I was like na-a, am not reading it, its just another story about a women treated bad, everyone pretty much hates her because of, oh nou, get this, she is wearing a scarf over her hair, -no thanks I know the story I live it. Then she toled me she read the book, its actually funny and interesting. I grabbed the book and made a face at her, as really?? I havent read a book since HS, i thought its time to start again,  so I started reading it. I couldn't stop, this book was everything but what judged it to be.. she was right, it was interesting!

This book, Does My Head Look Big in This, is about the girl Amal who went to Christian elementary school,  when she started HS she also started wearing Hijab. Very smart girl, she didnt let this peace of cloth stop her from making her dreams come true. There is also this boy Adam who liked her, well she liked him back, he tried to kiss her aand ull have to read the book to know what happen lol. She also had a mean neighborer who turned out to be a lonely sad mother who ... well read the book ;-)

Dont judge the movie by its cover
I did! I saw a guy from That 70's show (Eric Forman), and was like: Its gotta be a good movie! So my little sis and I went to see it. It was a weird movie, when it got to that part where this older women took her bra off, and started making out with a kid, while her nasty, weird boyfriend was watching, WE LEFT!! Im still trying to erase it from my memory. I mean Iv seen Bruno, I expected to see nasty and stupid, but this movie surprised both of us. I thought it was a love story movie, not a gross ew-y el stupido movie.

Dont judge the people by ..anything
Hmm.. I am bad at this, I dont judge people by the way they look, but somehow i judge everyone wrong. I live in my little world thinking that everyone is nice, perfect, polite, gentle and so on, this is why it turns out that am always wrong and thats how I end up disappointed.
I have a cousin who is always there -when he needs me! Once I help him, he kinda throws in one of those words that tell u, u had nothing else to do, or  you were the one who wanted to help him he didnt...aaand he is gone!
Then i have another cousin who was always, always there for me, when ever I need him, but I dont feel like I was there for him. :-(

I had two best friends who would always surprise me. Like back when I was 16, I toled them both this big secret of mine, the one I expected to believe me started laughing, like in comedy movies, with echo in my head. And the other one who I thought would judge me, or laugh at me... No, she said oh wow that is so cool, amm hold on, What, she is the one who believed me? I would of never guessed!  So while I was telling her more about this, my other friend was rolling on the floor laughing. lol Yea, life is like that, full of surprises.

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