Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to pick a perfect gift?

A perfect gift

Express Your Emotion Through Gifts!

Many people have problems finding a perfect present for their "someone".I always get asked for help because as they say I always know what to get. Well I dont, not right away at least, here are the 10 simple questions I usually answer, before going shopping:

1.The name of lucky person: ___

2.This is the amount of  money I will spent:___ (important to know)

3. Does this someone have collection ?

4. Did they give you a hint that they -need- something? ( pay special attention to what the person talks about, what they find important and meaningful, they might give u a clue

5. What is his/hers hobby?

6. Whats the first -thing- that comes to your mind when you think of him/her?

7. The place he/she hasn't been to in a long time..?

8. What is their favorite: -movie, -brand of clothes, -music singer, -book, - cookies, -accessory?

9. What is your favorite memory of you two? You could remind them in a way. (personalized bracelet, poster, pic in frame...ect)

10. Something he/she always wanted to have..?

-In case you got more then 1 girft, you can also make a MAP with clues, where you left all of their presents

Gifts : christmas presents on white background, small natural shadow among objectsGift Guy : portrait of guy with gift boxes. isolated on white background
Suggestions of what u could get:
-A beautiful card, with 2 movie tickets
-Gift Card for their fav store
-Edibles (with their fav fruit)
-A gift basket, with things they love inside
-A nice, unforgetable dinner that you cooked, everyone loves homemade presents, there delish.
The following pictures could give you an idea, or get you inspired.

1Gift Ideas : Heartshaped money isolated on white background Stock Photo
2Gift Present : The book with a bow on a white background

3Gift Basket : Boquet Bunch of Flower for Special Moments Isolated Stock Photo
4Gift Card : Gift Card
6Gift Dinner : bottle with red wine and glass a decorative tape Stock Photo
7Gift Basket : Basket roses isolated over white
8.Gift Basket : Chocolate over white
9.Gift Pearls : Beads in Box Isolated on White Background Stock Photo
10.Gift Make Up : perfume and rose petals


14Gift Guy : young handsome man with big heart and red rose like a present  He is giving all hes got! lol 

Dont forget to PACK IT nicely

The longest time I spent making a gift was a week. It was for my hubbys birthday. Every day after school I would go to a different store and get different gifts. I packed it nicely in a big gift basket.
He was really surprised, and happy.
Seeing him smile like that,
I was happier then him

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.  ~Pierre Corneille

Giving Gift : boy giving rose for his little girlfriend isolated on white Stock Photo

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