Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well...I over-drugged myself

Its been a long week. I am still sick, in fact I woke up with swollen face, how long will this what ever it is last? I am dizzy all day, cant sleep at night from coughing, and if i take Tylenol I am out like a baby. As a mother you cant just be out, even at night you gotta keep one eye open.
 The other day I over-drugged myself. I took some syrup for night time that was like a slap in the face. I dont remember falling asleep, I do remember my hubby waking me up for fajr and giving me some more of medicine. Not asking if its day, or night time syrup, i just swallowed.. (I didnt sleep after Fejr since forever, and iv been trying to keep it that way).
I have no idea how I prayed salah Fejr, i also did the dhikr after, but every time i blink i fall asleep, then wake up and dhikr, I kept trying. I remember moving from floor to the soffa, as soon as I set down i dont remember much, but I was sleeping and reciting, and every time I open my eyes i hear myself reciting Quran... LoL I was doing dhikr while wasted, how weird.  I hate to take those stupid syrups, but sometimes you have to. I am guilty of taking it when I wasn't sick thou :-) hihi I am sure am not the only one?

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