Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Blog, March 29

Its 11:00AM, and here I am on computer already checking my email. Nice way to kill time, when I should be doing something else. Oh well... This is my first blog entry, after 50 journals I decided to start blogging.
In my blogs will probably be talking about my life as a Muslim in America, my son, husband, family, art, fashion and I dont know, lets see what else comes to my life or mind.
So today is pretty sad - rainy, too much rain in Vancouver! rainy weather makes people said. I am lucky I have people who make me happy, I forget about lame boring rain when i see them. 
I made pancakes for my son, ohh excuse me, "we" made pancakes. I cant make a single meal without him, he has to sniff the food, mix it, crack it or what ever, he just has to be there to at least watch how its made. If he missed it, his question is: How did u make this, where did u get this, what is this mmm? then when i say I made it, he takes from 5 to 15 min thanking me. Haha, he is a 3 year old by the way, does this mean that he will be baker/chef when he grows up? He also uses my brushes to paint, he draws on his cars... I dont know, he could be many things when he grows up, but something tells me, an artist like his mamaa :-). I love to rub it in my hubbys face: Looks like our son in an aaartist! lol I just got a phone call from my mama, she wants me to come over, but I have many other plans. I am this plan making machine, the min I wake up I plan out my day, thats why my hubby always asks me: So what are our plans for  the day, or the weekend? Yes, I always get to plan the weekends. Last weekend we visited this Arabic store in Portland and I just dont understand those Muslim people !! Yes, Muslim....!! Their store is naaasty! We Muslims are soposed to be like a cleaning machine, because half of our faith is cleanliness... I dont understan why does their store smell so weird, and why dont they welcome you when u walk in, and really, is that a fitting room? that guy can clearly see my a$$ if I change in there, the door cant even close... I dont understand them,  you gotta clean your store bruther! lol  But they do have beautiful skirts, so I ended up buying one.

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