Friday, April 8, 2011

Thinking out loud

We are all very different, but so much alike.
So many deaths at this moment, and God knows how many new borns?
No matter what language we speak, we all laugh, smile, cry and do many other things the same.
If we are so alike, why dont we understand each other? Why do we judge one another?
Not a single person has an easy life, we all know this, but still hurt each other.
I believe that every one of us has a rose inside them self. That beautiful part of us, that makes us smile at strangers when we walk by them. that sensitive part when we cried while watchinga sad movie.
Everybodys "rose" is different. Even the most mean person has it, but we gotta find it, and see it.
Instead of looking for someones flaws/mistakes, we should be looking for the rose inside them, because when you find one rose, LOOK AROUND, you might just find a GARDEN.

Have you ever found a rose, in the middle of dirty street?
I have.

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