Monday, April 4, 2011

Who is cooking ?

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I was sick the whole weekend, I had cold, but that didnt ruin my day anything at all, in fact it made it more fun. Yesterday my kitchen smelled good, like Chiken Biryani Rice (my fav), but guess what? i wasn't the one who was cooking it, but the lazy one laying on sofa and watching tv, waiting for dinner. This isn't the first time my hubby cooks the dinner, hes done it many times since we got married. I just love that about him. He loves to cook, and he does a darn good job!That Biryani Rice, was honestly the best one Iv ever tried. My parents loved it too.
My fav meal is the one we cook together, it tasts good because its made with love. When am mad, or just not in good mood, he tries to cheer me up, Why? Because as he says:  if you make my food when ur mad, the food tasts mad, not good at all, but when ur happy your food is made with love and it tastes perfect, I know this, trust me. lol
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