Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to pick a perfect gift?

A perfect gift

Express Your Emotion Through Gifts!

Many people have problems finding a perfect present for their "someone".I always get asked for help because as they say I always know what to get. Well I dont, not right away at least, here are the 10 simple questions I usually answer, before going shopping:

1.The name of lucky person: ___

2.This is the amount of  money I will spent:___ (important to know)

3. Does this someone have collection ?

4. Did they give you a hint that they -need- something? ( pay special attention to what the person talks about, what they find important and meaningful, they might give u a clue

5. What is his/hers hobby?

6. Whats the first -thing- that comes to your mind when you think of him/her?

7. The place he/she hasn't been to in a long time..?

8. What is their favorite: -movie, -brand of clothes, -music singer, -book, - cookies, -accessory?

9. What is your favorite memory of you two? You could remind them in a way. (personalized bracelet, poster, pic in frame...ect)

10. Something he/she always wanted to have..?

-In case you got more then 1 girft, you can also make a MAP with clues, where you left all of their presents

Gifts : christmas presents on white background, small natural shadow among objectsGift Guy : portrait of guy with gift boxes. isolated on white background
Suggestions of what u could get:
-A beautiful card, with 2 movie tickets
-Gift Card for their fav store
-Edibles (with their fav fruit)
-A gift basket, with things they love inside
-A nice, unforgetable dinner that you cooked, everyone loves homemade presents, there delish.
The following pictures could give you an idea, or get you inspired.

1Gift Ideas : Heartshaped money isolated on white background Stock Photo
2Gift Present : The book with a bow on a white background

3Gift Basket : Boquet Bunch of Flower for Special Moments Isolated Stock Photo
4Gift Card : Gift Card
6Gift Dinner : bottle with red wine and glass a decorative tape Stock Photo
7Gift Basket : Basket roses isolated over white
8.Gift Basket : Chocolate over white
9.Gift Pearls : Beads in Box Isolated on White Background Stock Photo
10.Gift Make Up : perfume and rose petals


14Gift Guy : young handsome man with big heart and red rose like a present  He is giving all hes got! lol 

Dont forget to PACK IT nicely

The longest time I spent making a gift was a week. It was for my hubbys birthday. Every day after school I would go to a different store and get different gifts. I packed it nicely in a big gift basket.
He was really surprised, and happy.
Seeing him smile like that,
I was happier then him

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.  ~Pierre Corneille

Giving Gift : boy giving rose for his little girlfriend isolated on white Stock Photo

Can you pick a fovorite?

What is your favorite present you have ever gotten?
 I looked away and made a long pause while I tried to answer this question myself. You cant just pick a favorite. You can pick a favorite gift of a year, but not of a lifetime. I guess my favorite gift is from God,  my son. My little pearl. After miscarriage, i wanted a baby so bad then before I even knew I was pregnant, I had a dream. In this dream I was on the beach, beautiful weather, beautiful ocan, everything is so perfect, I didnt even have to wear my hijab. I walked to this shell on the ground, and took it.... it was mine!  I opened it, there it was, my beautiful pearl, this gave me a worm feeling, I smiled. This is my pearl, nobody has one like it. So a day later, I found out I was pregnant. When I holded my son in my hands, I remembered, he is this pearl :-).

My brother in law came back from Bosnia, so I got many beautiful presents. I didnt even expect some of those people to remember me.

What is your favorite part about presents/gifts? Getting or receiving? I bet its receiving. Are you excited to open it right away? I love packing presents. I prepare before going to get one, I got whole bunch of questions to answer in my head about what should I get/buy or make. I think i will write them down after this blogg, someone might find it helpful.
One of my fav things i got from Bosnia is this  ring from my sister. Now she already gave me couple of rings, but this one is special.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Blog, March 29

Its 11:00AM, and here I am on computer already checking my email. Nice way to kill time, when I should be doing something else. Oh well... This is my first blog entry, after 50 journals I decided to start blogging.
In my blogs will probably be talking about my life as a Muslim in America, my son, husband, family, art, fashion and I dont know, lets see what else comes to my life or mind.
So today is pretty sad - rainy, too much rain in Vancouver! rainy weather makes people said. I am lucky I have people who make me happy, I forget about lame boring rain when i see them. 
I made pancakes for my son, ohh excuse me, "we" made pancakes. I cant make a single meal without him, he has to sniff the food, mix it, crack it or what ever, he just has to be there to at least watch how its made. If he missed it, his question is: How did u make this, where did u get this, what is this mmm? then when i say I made it, he takes from 5 to 15 min thanking me. Haha, he is a 3 year old by the way, does this mean that he will be baker/chef when he grows up? He also uses my brushes to paint, he draws on his cars... I dont know, he could be many things when he grows up, but something tells me, an artist like his mamaa :-). I love to rub it in my hubbys face: Looks like our son in an aaartist! lol I just got a phone call from my mama, she wants me to come over, but I have many other plans. I am this plan making machine, the min I wake up I plan out my day, thats why my hubby always asks me: So what are our plans for  the day, or the weekend? Yes, I always get to plan the weekends. Last weekend we visited this Arabic store in Portland and I just dont understand those Muslim people !! Yes, Muslim....!! Their store is naaasty! We Muslims are soposed to be like a cleaning machine, because half of our faith is cleanliness... I dont understan why does their store smell so weird, and why dont they welcome you when u walk in, and really, is that a fitting room? that guy can clearly see my a$$ if I change in there, the door cant even close... I dont understand them,  you gotta clean your store bruther! lol  But they do have beautiful skirts, so I ended up buying one.