Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who is a TERRORIST ??


Have you ever been hated, or accused of something you didn’t do, just because of the way you look or dress?

I was a very small girl when there was war in Bosnia, but I remember everything. I remember the crosses Serbians would leave on the terror they did. They would carve, or tattoo it on the bodies that they raped, tortured, or killed. They even hanged our man on cross like a Jesus. As a little girl, I was scared to see a cross because I was scared that Christians are around. Was this their symbol of evil? Am I supposed to hate everyone who hangs cross on their neck, in car, or in the house? I understand that there is all kinds of people in this world, and that no religion teaches evil. I have made friends with people who believe in cross (Jesus), and I am happy to tell you that they are nothing like Serbs in Europe. Not even all Serbs are evil. So the answer to that question is No, their religion had nothing to do with their evil actions.

I came from terror from Serbs in Bosnia, to America, where kids in school call my sister a terrorist because she wears a scarf. When we came to America, she was 4 years old. She spent most of her life in America; she is an American Muslim. But she can’t go to school anymore because girls, and parents in school call her 
terrorist. She is 14 years old, and she doesn’t understand, WHY? She asked me today: ”WHY am I a terrorist, for covering my hair? What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to take my scarf off, forget about God, and my religion to please all these people? So in order for people at school to like me, I have to be who I am not, I would have to look and act like other girls in my school? I can’t, I can’t!! -They are barely wearing any clothes, showing their private parts, they show no respect for themselves, for guys, or man-teachers. The less clothes I wear, the more I blend in? Taking my scarf and clothes off, seems like the only way I will be accepted in this school? That is not fair. What should I do?”
What am I supposed to tell my sister? That she is in wrong society, or the wrong school? Is this a wrong country or school for religious or modest people? What is a problem here? Is it a problem that she is from Bosnia, or that she is Muslim? What do you think? What has she done wrong?  You tell me! Why are they accusing a 14 yr old girl of being a terrorist?
Should I take her to the Mall and buy her new clothes that girls in her school wear, or maybe I should take my sister back to Bosnia? Isn’t this a country where am supposed to live my dream? Or is it a country where you have to be anyone but yourself, please people, and forget about your religion and God ?
She said that kids in school are blaming her for some new attacks, or something they heard on news and seen on youtube. I don’t know what they heard, or what else media made out about Muslims. I am tired of people blaming my religion for GOD knows “WHO” did on Sep 11.  Even if Muslims did attacked America that means that they attacked Muslims too, because this is my country, America is a Muslim country too, and the attack has nothing to do with my religion. My religion teaches peace, and we believe that killing one innocent man is like killing all man kind. So who ever attacked America on 9.11  is NOT following Islam or any religion what so ever.
My religion teaches peace, and before you say anything about this religion, learn about it from Muslims, or from Quran, not from Media where they can say anything they want about ME, aaaand YOU too.
Did you know that among the many innocent victims on 9/11 were several dozen innocent Muslims, ranging in age from their late 60s to a couples unborn child?  The Muslim victims were parents to over 30 children, who were left orphaned without one or both of their parents. Six of victims were Muslim women, including one who was 7 months pregnant.  
Why would Muslims attack innocent people when this is forbidden in our religion, or why would Muslims attack their own Muslim brothers and sisters ? Does this make sense ?
I still don’t understand, why is any of this my sisters fault? What example does a parent who points finger at innocent girl and calles her a“terrorist”, set to their daughter or son? You are teaching your child that another child who grew up in the same country as you is a terrorist because of their religion? You are creating hatterit between the kids. How would you feel if someone hated your kid because of your religion, or because of the way they look, or dress?
 I went to the same school as my sister, and nobody has ever called me a terrorist. My name is Samra, my sisters name is Dalila. We look alike, and we are both Muslims. Do you know the only difference between the two of us? The only difference is that I didn’t wear a scarf when I went to this school, and she is.
For that piece of cloth that represents modesty, they call her a terrorist, but for me she is a a hero, because she is the only one in this school that wears a scarf, and no matter how hard it is, she stands up for what she believes in. My favorite American quote: “Stand up for what you believe in, even if that means STANDING ALONE.”