Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to teach your child to pray

"Allahu Akbar" gave me the money
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At young age (2-3 yrs) children usually start imitating what they see, so it is a good idea for  parents to let their children be in the same room with them while they are praying. That way they will watch their parents, and pretend that they are praying too. When you notice their first attempt at praying, dont forget to make a big deal out of it. You want them to know that they are being watched, and that they are doing whats right.

Sometimes performing prayer in front of kids can be hard, because as the prayer starts, the kid notices the silence, sees everyone busy, and uses this situation to make mess or bother people who are praying.
My son, almost 4 year old, used to climb up on my back, or even perform dangerous jumps off of table. When this happens, it doesn't ruin the prayer if you take him off of the table, then go back to preforming the prayer. Sometimes when he would climb up on my back, I would lightly push him away, and other times I would just let him finish playing, because I read that Prophet saws used to let the kids play around him, and climb on his back while he is praying.
Telling my son what he is not allowed to do while am praying didnt work much, so I started doing what my parents did to me when I was preschooler.

I bought him a little praying rug, and every time I preform a prayer , we would pray together. When I put his rug down, I place a dollar, penny, or candy under neath it. When he is done praying, he quickly gets up, and  picks it up all excited with eyes wide open, excited to see what he got this time. "Woooaw, money!!! Lets put it in the box, mamma!!" Expression on his face is priceless !
Now he asks me to pray, instead of me asking him. When I asked him who gave you the dollar, he said: Allahu akber gave me money!
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Just two days ago i was sleeping, and he woke me up saying: Allah Akber didnt give me anything!!(while he was holding his little rug in his hands). So I told him that he didnt turn to "kibla" the right way, mommy has to place your rug the right way, then you can pray. haha ! Sometimes in the morning he wakes me up: Time to pray, Time to pray! I just love it, and am scared soon he will figer it out that am the one placing the money under neath his rug. Hope inshAllah by that time comes, he loves praying, and keeps performing prayers with family. Amin!
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